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KLM have now gone and done it! In one of the usual barrel shoots that occur at airports all over the world, KLM have gone and slugged the wrong fish.

Recently, while on his way to a conference in Brazil, a senior UN official received a right bollocking at the airport in Nairobi and he is not taking it lying down. In fact he has sat up and launched into a flying kick of a response – spearheaded by a prominent Nairobi law firm, Murgor and Murgor – that has left the airline scrambling for cover and engaging the equally prolific law firm, Hamilton, Harrison & Mathews, to buy them time as they compose themselves and presumably to find, debrief and distance themselves from the idiot that did not realise that this was no ordinary third-world passport bearing pleb – for whom carte blanche on harassment is generally granted – but one of those big-wigs for whom they had a separate rule book.

Bakari Kante, the director of the Division of Environmental Law and Conventions at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Nairobi is, in my opinion, the victim of the very same problem I spoke about in an earlier blog. He just comes from one of those places that people at airports have inexplicably decided should not be allowed free travel.

According to the Business Daily, Kante was stopped by KLM security officials who accused him of having a fake Brazilian visa – in his diplomatic passport no less. What made the situation even worse was the fact that his Austrian assistant was allowed through without them even looking at his visa which was probably endorsed onto his Laissez Passer at the same embassy and at the same time as Kante’s.

Kante and his lawyers are accusing the airline of discrimination along racial and religious lines.

I’ll be watching this case very closely as finally, a champion for my plight with significant enough profile has emerged.

I wonder if they demanded a yellow fever certificate?


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